RoboVox is an 8 meter high interactive monument using SMS for public interaction. It is installed in crowded metropolitan squares preferably on those carrying some social or political connotation.

Its purpose is to serve as a tool for an individual, whose voice usually gets lost in the sounds of the mass. An individual can send a text message using his mobile phone to the dedicated RoboVox's number. Upon receiving the SMS RoboVox says out loud the statement, the protest, the declaration of love, or whatever the message may read, thus lending its voice to the anonymous individual.

RoboVox is a monument that triggers common public space also by means of sound: the sound design for the monument composed by selected artists and musicians charges the public space in which RoboVox appears.

Referencing both the Slavic origin of the word ‘robot’ and the socialist monuments representing heroic laborers, RoboVox is an utopian monument for the contemporary citizen and an iconic landmark for the contemporary city. Combining technology with historical monumentalism, it also poses the question of what public space today is. How do we express our ideas in it? How can a common space for city inhabitants be created? Where can we speak our minds and share them with others and could new monuments help us do that?

Robovox is:

- an interactive public monument, with the purpose of serving as people's voice,
- a sound installation placed in public squares, with especially-for-the-occasion designed surround soundscapes,
- a live music event for Robovox.

Robovox is accompanied by the RoboVox Sound Book comprised of a soundtrack and a book of essays. Artists included in the compilation are Plaid, Vector Lovers, Random Logic, Menu B, Octex, DJ Borka, User Name and others. The book of essays features texts by acknowledged researchers on the topics of new monumentality, robots etc.

Robovox tour:

Bal Robotov, Moscow, May-June 2014
AWAKE Festival, Amsterdam, June 2011
TodaysArt, Haag, September 2010
MuseumsQuartier, Vienna, September 2010
Europrix, Kunsthaus Graz, November 2008
Metalka, Ljubljana, June 2008
KIBLIX Festival, Maribor, October 2007
Aalborg, June 2007