Everlandia is a journey of a special/personal kind. It playfully confronts an individual with his fantasies, needs and desires. It challenges his imagination to pick and compose from a set of predefined landscapes, plants and animals, and to build an image of his own dreamland. His own Everlandia. The invented land remains the property of its creator and is saved on the web page. The visitor can also print his dreamland as a postcard and of course keep it in his heart.

Everlandia is a multimedia project which creates an inquiry into patterns of desire through interactive exploration, reflection and discovery. In the context of the evolution of reality, it re-examines the relationship between man, technology and the unknown. Everlandia is a journey into the unknown.

Everlandia is conceived as a total experience: an analog immersive dream landscape, full with tourist agents and a great selection of souvenirs. Friendly tourist agents which welcome visitors, collect their feedbacks and inquire about their greatest fantasies in order to improve their experience even further. Everlandia could be read as a visionary critique of not only tourism, but also of consumerism in general: a world in which we are seduced into exposing and sharing our deepest fantasies while they are branded and materialised into products in front of our eyes. Yet, it could also be a fantasy land in which our imagination can truly be limitless and free. Which will it be?

Everlandia showcases:

Kunsthaus Graz, 2006
ICA London, 2006
Mladi levi Festival, City Gallery Ljubljana, 2005