Darkstar is a multi-annual artistic research project which joined creators from various fields in the research and development of a contemporary, interactive and mobile monument for public space. DarkStar is designed as an open platform for technological, architectural, sound and graphic innovations.

Between 2011 and 2015, DarkStar joined more than 30 artists, programmers, architects and musicians, who worked collaboratively towards the realisation of its different versions. The underlying mission of DarkStar was to experiment with the possibilities of creating a contemporary interactive monument and to redefine the role of monuments today.

DarkStar versions:

DarkStar 4.0:

Athens Digital Arts Festival, 2015
Lightning Guerilla Festival, 2014
Technarte, Bilbao, 2014


Martin Bricelj Baraga: concept and artistic direction
Slavko Glamočanin: programming interaction
Matt Kispert & Igor Vuk: sound design
Igor Vuk: technical design
Niko Okorn: technical support

DarkStar 3.0:

GLOW NEXT, Eindhoven 2013: GLOWNEXT Winner!


Martin Bricelj Baraga: concept and visual design
Tadej Droljc: programming interaction & sound design
Erik Margan: 3d visualization
Igor Vuk: technical design
Niko Okorn: technical support
Ricardo Quaresma: photography, technical support

DarkStar 2.0 with André Gonçalves:

EdgeArts, Lisboa 2013
TodaysArt Festival, Haag 2012


Martin Bricelj Baraga: concept and visual design
Andre Goncalves: Sound & Programming
Igor Vuk: Construction Design & Technical Solutions
Primož Pugelj: Consulting

DarkStar 1.0:

SONICA - Festival of Transitory Art, Ljubljana 2011


Martin Bricelj Baraga: Concept and Visual design
Simon Katan: Interaction
Matt Kispert: Sound Design
David Veneman: Website
Carolien Teunisse: 3D visualisation

MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art

Special Thanks:
Andre Goncalves, Olga Mink, Olof van Winden, Denis Orač, Bojan Kos, Mateja Demšič, Blaž Peršin, Mojca Blatnik, Tatjana Pinoza, Katerina Mirovič, Aleks Hribovšek, Achilleas Kentonis, VJ Rasta, Luka Zagoričnik.

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