Aethronome is a metronome-like sculpture that works on basis of aether, permanently. It is a kinetic sound sculpture for public spaces. Situated in bodies of water, Aethronome is activated through the process of osmosis. Resembling a huge gas-pumping crane built of glass, it functions in symbiosis with nature, namely with water and its natural habitat.

It is a kind of perpetuum mobile because it operates when liquid evaporates in the lakes or rivers in which it is situated. Aethronome can be realized as a permanent or temporary object and can be installed as a solo sculpture or as a modular system of more sculptures, creating different visual and sound rhythmical structures.

Its transparent structure can make a large structure at moments invisible, yet still beautiful to look at. Visitors are able to see the movement of rhythms created by aether that resemble the current and flows of the water and the moving airwaves. Like a Metronome, Aethronome is counting time, the ever-passing essence of time, reminiscent of eternity.

With it’s transparent structure and mechanism, the Aethronome does not invade public space, but rather adds a poetic element to nature.