Light and Sound Installation


WAVE is a meditation on the importance of seas, both in our everyday lives and in the life of Earth. The installation takes cue from visual and sonic phenomena of the sea to create an immersive light and sound experience, encouraging visitors to reflect on the significance of sea in human culture and the need to preserve it.

WAVE is a modular installation consisting of lab test tubes that create a larger structure – an immersive environment. Its modular nature allows placement in different locations, both indoors and outdoors. WAVE can be placed above our heads in a festival setting or used for illumination systems in different habitats.

Each of the installations is based on a network of illuminated test tubes. Different installations play different waves – from gentle to strong ones, and the light intensities follow the sound design. The sound of vawes is transmited from directional speakers, so you can hear WAVE only if you’re standing under the structure, creating a feeling of intimacy.

Sound and, consequently light design of the WAVE installation change according to the context. Its modular structure permits placement in various settings which sound and light then follow. The recreation of WAVE in both smaller and bigger venues brings the magic of the sea to unusual environments and events.

2018 Visualia Festival, Pula (HR)

Concept & Art Direction: Martin Bricelj Baraga
Technical Design & Direction: Igor Vuk
Sound Design: Fraction (Eric Raynaud)