Public Avatar

Public space intervention and online social experiment



Public Avatar is a performative intervention in public space exploring the notion of ‘real virtuality’. It is designed as a game in which an individual is able to move and to be active in the real world by using a virtual medium (the web) and a real medium (the body of the avatar). Because the avatar is a human being with its own values, his interactions (whenever and wherever) generate interesting conflicts and a confrontation of values. What happens when the users demand unacceptable actions from the Avatar? How do people react to a computer navigated human? What interactions can occur? Public Avatar allows a global audience to explore real-world locations remotely and to interact with objects and people in those locations through real-time control of a human test subject. As digital and physical worlds collide, the boundaries between self and other, reality and simulation are constantly challenged and redefined.

2012 Robots & Avatars, KIBLIX, Maribor (SI)
2012 Robots & Avatars, FACT, Liverpool (UK)
2011 Mindware Festival, Lublin (PL)
2009 Dom Omladine, Banja Luka (BA)
2008 PARAFLOWS: Urban Hacking, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna (AT)
2008 Simulaker Gallery, Novo mesto (SI)