Framed gobelins with pornographic motifs



Pornogobelin is an attempt at reviving an all but forgotten bourgeois phenomenon of centuries past: a variation of the needlepoint or tapestry known also as the gobelin. In our region, the name gobelin generally refers to a type of framed needlework on canvas, hand-crafted using the diagonal or cross-stitch. “Since the Victorian period, embroidery had been indicative of an individual’s virtues. As an exclusively female craft, it symbolizes care for the home and as such is in a way a sort of art in every home.” Its comeback in the seventies and eighties comes in the shape of a popular free-time ‘creactivity’ tool-kits with pre-printed motives, most commonly flower arrangements or rural idyllic scenery: cats, dogs and other animals and landscapes.

By combining traditional techniques (needlepoint) and untraditional motifs (porn) Pornogobelin playfully appropriates the aesthetics of the lo-fi digital format, which was utilized for dissemination of pornography on the web, to a symbolically rather conservative medium of the gobelin. It thus joins the symbolic act of caring for ones home with disclosing the taboo of sex and interprets porn imagery as a potential home decorative element.

At the Ljubljana premiere, the exhibition of sensual gobelins was placed in a cult bohemian building – the abandoned lavish bourgeois house Šumi. The exhibition opened to the music of renowned zitherist Tanja Zajc Zupan, and was accompanied by a performance by Tina Kolenik and an exclusive auction.

2008 Sonár, Barcelona (ES)
2007 SKC, Belgrade (RS)
2007 Šumi, Ljubljana (SI)