Monument to the Moon and the stars


The Moonolith is a Monument to the Moon and the Stars, devoted to the void, the passing of time and to the urban dweller. Its surface reflects star constellations and Moon phases as a special public clock. It makes a symbolic connection between the Earth’s satellite, stars and people; it declines celebrating the past, it reflects the world during the day and Space at night as a monument and as a reminder of the “here and now”.

Moonolith is a new sound and space installation from the artist’s ongoing Nonument series. Nonuments are a series of Utopian objects in public space carrying a strong symbolic message in a physical, mental and virtual space. The Nonument series reflects the artist’s research of the meaning and development of monuments and the phenomenology of collective memory.

The opening event included a special sound composition designed by the French sound artist Fraction. The Moonolith is placed on the Republic Square in front of the Slovenian parliament, where it establishes a symbolic connection between Politics, Finance, History and Trade. The dark reflective surface mirrors its surroundings and distorts its reflection. On its surface we thus see the omniverse of parallel reflections.

2017 FAN Festival, Chihuahua (MX)
2017 Lumina Festival, Cascais (PT)
2017 Strassbourg (FR)
2017 Ljubljana Castle (SI)
2015 Republic Square, Ljubljana (SI)
2014 Lightning Guerilla Festival, Ljubljana (SI)