Kinetic Light Installation



The Metronomic Series is an ongoing set of experiments based on metronome-like structures that use the energy input from natural habitat (water, wind, sun, temperature) to start the process of movement or other activity, which then transform each structure into a self sustainable system.

Lumitronome is a set of kinetic sculptural structures, that use Sun as their primary source of energy. The solar panels trigger the energy of each Lumitronome creating the energy for movement and light. 

Lumitronome is a meditative kinetic installation that works on the principle of metronomic movements. The artist built the installation in partnership with Bellastock, a Paris based experimental architectural collective known for innovative approach to reusing waste materials. Baraga’s Lumitronomes are following the same principle of reusing obsolete parts to create new atmospheric work that will revive the infamous Nedelka Fountain in Almaty.

Lumitronome is part of artist’s Metronomic Series – a series of works that deal with transformations of energy – a kind of quest for the perpetuum mobile. The new Lumitronomes are using solar energy that accumulates during the day – to create beautiful rhythms of movement and light during the night.

Lumitronome was premiered on 24 August 2018 at ArtBat Fest in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Martin Bricelj Baraga built the installation in cooperation with the Bellastock collective from Paris, and collaborated with a local musician, Macro/micro, for creation of a sonic atmosphere. The installation is available for touring and can be presented in various settings.

MoTA & Bellastock
Artecitya Network
ArtBat Fest, Almaty