Martin Bricelj Baraga
is an artist and curator.

His interactive works, audiovisual performances and collaborative work research the relation between man and machine, social aspects of contemporary popular culture, future monumentalism and political dimensions of mediated realities of today.

His works are usually large-scale installations in public spaces and unusual architectural contexts. He often uses light and sound as means for creating an atmosphere that challenges our perceptions. His works are questioning symbols and myths as a series of time and space-based experiments.

Deriving from visual arts he often employs sound as basic component in his work and collaborates with acclaimed sound artists such as Olaf Bender, Plaid, Vector Lovers, etc.

He is the director of MoTA - Museum of Transitory Art and the founder of SONICA Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

He has exhibited in many galleries and spaces worldwide: ICA in London, Sonar in Barcelona, Columbia University in New York, FACT Liverpool, Kinetica ArtFair, Centro cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Kunsthaus Graz, Kaapelithas in Helsinki, Museums Quartier in Vienna, GLOW in Eindhoven and many others. His work has been reviewed and published by Wired,, Pecha Kucha, the New York Art magazine, Harper Collins, El Pais, Actar, Mladina and others.

His latest DarkStar project was winner of the GLOWNEXT Festival in Eindhoven with over 400.000 visitors. His project Everlandia was one of most visited exhibitions at the ICA London. It has been selected for Top five events nationwide in UK Times. Other media highlights include a special feature in TimeOut and an interview on BBC Radio1.


2014 Moonolith Lightning Guerilla Festival

2013 DarkStar 3.0 GLOW NEXT Eindhoven

2013 DarkStar 2.0 EdgeArts Lizbona

2012 DarkStar 2.0 TodaysArt Hague

2012 Public Avatar in RoboVox @KIBLA, Maribor

2012 DarkStar 2.0 SONICA

2012 DarkStar 2.0 @Kinetica ArtFair London

2012 Kinetica artfair London, DarkStar preview

2011 RoboVox Amsterdam

2010 RoboVox TodaysArt Hague

2009 NeW CaSe, OTA Bucharest

2008 Roboexotica, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna

2008 RoboVox, Ljubljana

2007 Discoveries and Inventions, Vienna, Berlin, Strassbourg

2007 RoboVox, Maribor, Aalborg

2007 Retrospective, Sonar, Barcelona

2006 Cultural Centre Recoleta, Buenos Aires

2006 Kaapeli, Helsinki

2006 Everlandia, ICA, London, UK

2005 Columbia University, NewYork, USA

2005 LIPA gallery, Chicago, USA

2005 Magie d’un soir, Luxembourg

2005 Multimedia center, Stockholm

2005 Lasipalatsin Gallery, Helsinki

2005 RAS Gallery, Barcelona , Spain

2004 Project 024: »Love me, buy me, marry me«, Gallery A gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro

2004 Dom omladine, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

2004 Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana

2003 »Project 024«, Slovenska ulica, Ljubljana

2003 »FakeUp« Streets of Ljubljana


2013 Kiparstvo danes @Center sodobnih umetnosti Celje

2012 Robots & Avatars @KIBLA, Maribor

2012 Robots & Avatars @FACT, Liverpool

2008 Everlandia, Cormons, Italy

2007 Biennal of Independent Illustration, Ljubljana

2007 Triennal of Slovenian Graphic Design, Ljubljana

2007 Pornogobelin, SKC, Belgrade

2006 Everlandia, Kunsthaus Graz

2006 Time to play, Museum of Contemporary Art, Celje

2005 Territories, Identities, Nets, Modern gallery, Ljubljana

2005 ICA, London, UK

2005 Nu Skool, ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana

2005 Thrust, 26th International Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana

2005 »Pretty Dirty«, (Fake Up project), Škuc Gallery, Ljubljana

2003 »U3-Triennial of contemporary slovene art«, Modern gallery, Ljubljana

2003 »1995-2005 Territories, Identities, Nets«, Modern gallery, Ljubljana

2003 »BillBoart project«, Bratislava, Budapest, Iasi, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw

2003 Biennal of young Mediterran artists- Athens

2002 Festival of video and new media SCAN-LINE

2000 »15 let oddelka za oblikovanje« Ljubljana


2015 Dental Metal (with Spatial), Apiary Studios, London

2012 Climax@KinoŠiška

2012 Low Lives 4, Public Avatar, public intervention and on-line performance

2012 FACT Liverpool, Public Avatar, public intervention

2011 Climax @KinoŠiška

2009 PARAFLOWS: Urban Hacking, MuseumsQuartier Vienna

2009 International Festival of Computer Arts, Maribor

2009 SPAPORT, Banja Luka

2004 The opening event of dance festival Mladi levi, Ljubljana

1998 Concert at New/OffRock with the group Happy Generated People


2013 GLOWNEXT Festival winner DarkStar, Eindhoven

2008 Europrix TopTalentAward, Best mobile application project

2008 Roboexotica

2007 one of 30 best Pecha Kucha presentations in the world

2007 IYDEY Slovene finalist

2006 Europrix TopTalentAward festival, Vienna, Best cross media project

2005 Gorenje – third award (for corporate identinty)

2004 Project 024, award for best net project on

1999 Award for best cultural publishing project at Magdalena Festival


2009-2015 SONICA - Festival of Transitory Arts

2013 T.R.I.B.E. – Transitory Research Initiative for the Balkans & Eastern Europe

2011 Sonic Maze, RoundHouse, London, UK

2011 Transitory Network Forum, Belgrade

2002-2009 Concept and organization of »Festival pomladi« (Spring Festival)

2005-ICA London: Slovenska Elektronika

2004 Festival Ljubljana-Beograd express

1999-2003 Organization of multimedia events CODEEP


2013 Apartment Project Berlin

2012 Nacionalna biblioteka Beograd

2011 Lecture: Climax – Live cinema, MoTA Point, Ljubljana

2011 Public presentation: MoTA, Ciant open night, Praga

2011 Public presentation: MoTA and TRIBE, Transitory Network Forum, Treci Beograd, Beograd, Srbija

2009 International Marketplace for Digital Arts@Cimatics Festival, Brussels

2009 ArtistTalk at MNAC, Bucharest

2009 ArtistTalk at Academy of Fine Arts, Bucharest

2009 1st Artists Intitiatives meeting, Istanbul Biennale

2007 presentation at IYDEY, BC, London

2006 presentation/lecture at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

2006 digital Tapio Wirkkalla workshop in collaboration with Architecture museum Ljubljana and Nokia

2004 member of jury for the best DIY Nokia design

2004 presentation/lecture at A’Gentil Carioca Gallery, Rio de Janeiro


2014 T.R.I.B.E. (Sourednik, MoTA)

2013 OUTERVIEWS (Sourednik, MoTA)

2008 RoboVox SoundBook (Rx:Tx)

2007 Discoveries and Inventions (Editor, Codeep)

2007 Pecha Kucha Night: A celebration

2006 Narratives -35/65+ T Exhibition Catalogue (Kunsthaus Graz)

2006 SEX DESIGN (Harper Collins)

2006 Omagiu Magazine

2005 NU SKOOL (Škuc Gallery)

2005 On Barcelona (Actar)

2005 MonoClab


T.R.I.B.E. – Transitory Research Initiative for the Balkans and Eastern Europe

ICAS – International Cities of Advanced Sound